All-Inclusive Commercial Real Estate CRM

Manage all your leads and close more deals with 360 degree real estate CRM software

Leading global real estate platform designed for brokerages and teams looking to stimulate long-term growth, connect in more meaningful ways with clients, and help agents close more deals, faster.

Reimagine your Real-estate business with higher sales & intuitive automation

360° Customer View

Obtain a comprehensive view of your customers by leveraging data from various sources. This helps to understand their priorities and preferences, and anticipate their future needs. With the information at hand you can craft your marketing strategies accordingly.

Sales Automation

Streamline and optimize your sales pipeline. Eliminate repetitive tasks related to follow up, sales pipelines, and lead acquisition and focus more on nurturing client relationships.

Mobile Ready CRM

A Mobile ready CRM that gives you a bird’s eye view of how your deals are progressing and where the bottlenecks are. Turn more property inquiries into buying, organize your everyday tasks better, and track your field agents without any hassle.

Third Party Integrations

Besides getting the benefit of customizable reports, one-click document generation, and AI-based lead scoring, users can enjoy beneficial features such as External Portal, Social Integration, CTI Dialer, SMS Integration, and ERP Integration.

Why RealE 360?

Because we get it done. We coordinate time, cost, resource, quality and goal to achieve project objectives, which is clearly justified by the numbers below.

1. Built on robust Salesforce Platform

2. Automate 360 degree real estate workflows and process

3. Highly compatible with external system including ERP

4. Real time information accessibility

5. Data-driven analytics

6. Core processes including Marketing automation , lead

    nurturing ,customer & project management etc.

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Key Features of RealE360 Real Estate CRM Solution

RealE 360 encapsulates your customer personas for an at-a-glance view of all the integral procedures of your real estate business.

Customizable Dashboards

Customize the way you want. RealE360 has helped hundreds of clients to get up and run faster with a customizable dashboard. With an easy-to-use user interface, set the metrics you need. Make quicker and data-driven decisions with the RealE360 dashboard.


Automatically send documents to the customers for e-signature to get rid of manual hassles. Speed up your workflow now with the safest and secured RealE360 e-signature.

Mobile Compatibility

Seamlessly supports the Salesforce1 mobile. Access all the details from your mobile device. Be it any smartphone, Laptop, PC, or tablet; the RealE360 platform is accessible via every single device.

Calendar Sync

Bring all your events to one place with the RealE360 platform. Sync your calendar with our real-estate automation solution to ensure that you never miss out on a business opportunity.

Community Collaboration

Collaborate with your community users within the centralized system to enhance productivity. Keep your clients and organization up-to-date with the RealE360 community collaboration feature.

Analytics - Einstein

Leverage the native Salesforce analytics ‘Einstein’ to unlock data secrets & make smarter decisions. The Analytics Einstein feature will help you make more informed, better, and faster decisions.

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Social Integration

Give your audience more ways to engage and interact with your brand. Integrate external portal & social media platforms that offer an omnichannel customer experience and make your brand recognizable.

Document Generation

Say goodbye to the manual document creation process and boost your business productivity with the RealE360 document generation feature. Generate sales, construction, service, financial, legal documents in one click without any hassle.

CTI Dialer

Integrate CTI dialer & SMS with our real-estate automation solution to boost communication. Make calls directly to your prospects and increase your sales efficiency with the RealE360 CTI dialer.

Transforming Sales for Business Worldwide

See How RealE 360 is Different

See How RealE 360 is Different