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One-stop digital platform for your real estate business

Sell Faster…Manage Smarter

Why RealE 360?

Unleash a strategic approach for a 360 - degree real-estate business growth

Salesforce Native Solution

Built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ to ensure the highest productivity

360-degree Customer View

Experience a complete view of your customer life cycle to personalize every touchpoint

Enhanced ROI

Ensure zero lead leakage with 70-80% higher sales ROI & 45-50% lesser sales expenditure


Who can take advantage of the full potential of the RealE 360?






Top Features

Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Document Generation & E-Signature

External Portal & Social Integration

Customer & Partner Community Collaboration

iOS and Android Mobile Ready

CTI/Dialer & SMS Integration

AI Based Scoring

ERP Integration

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  1. Manager Builder and Brokers Module 
  2. Project and Properties Module
  3. Property Booking
  4. Site Visit
  5. Lead Capture –social, email, website
  6. Lead Nurturing
  7. Commission Calculation 
  8. Reports and Dashboard
  9. Standard Support



  1. All the Basic features plus
  2. Agreement Generation
  3. SMS Integration
  4. CTI / Dialer
  5. Leasing and Quality Inspection Module
  6. Commission Calculation with  Transaction 
  7. Customer Access
  8. Cost Sheet, Payment Schedule
  9. Standard Support


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  1. All the Plus features plus
  2. Finance Module
  3. Einstein AI based matching
  4. Partners / Broker / Agency  Onboarding 
  5. Custom Mobile App
  6. Whatsapp Integration
  7. Integration with WordPress site for Property Posting. 
  8. Advanced Analytics Capabilities.
  9. Standard Support

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See How RealE 360 is Different

See How RealE 360 is Different