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Finding a perfect Real Estate CRM:5 Key Factors to Consider

Generating leads and nurturing them effectively is imperative for any real estate business. The right customer relationship management (CRM) system can be the difference between success & failure, so it’s essential that you find one with all of your needs covered before investing time or money into implementing this important technological tool!

CRMs are both powerful and versatile tools that can be used to maximum efficiency in the battle for real estate dominance. However, selecting one is no simple decision-making task! So how do you decide?

What you need to know about real estate CRM is as follows:

A CRM is a powerful tool that can be used to plan and organize your business. CRMs are both strategies, as they specify the direction you want to take with customers in mind; but also tools like any other software program on earth.

With the new personalized service and streamlined operations, realtors can offer their clients a better experience.

What are the major benefits of having a real estate CRM? 

  • The most important benefit is being available 24*7 to your customers. 
  • You can track all lead interactions and find more qualified leads with easy-to-use software like this one.
  • It also helps for automating manual tasks, saving time in busy schedules, providing personalized customer service by giving insights into what they want or need before it happens.
  • Robust reporting on performance across channels like email campaigns vs phone calls etc.


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Here are five important factors to consider when selecting a CRM for your real estate business:


  • Easy to use & quick to deploy:

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your real estate agency, then CRMs are perfect. Not only do they give agents all of the tools they need in one spot but also allow them easy access and navigation across multiple platforms like email or mobile apps so there’s no viable excuse. Yes, deploying a CRM shouldn’t be the worst thing in your life. In fact, it can help you with everything from centralizing all information needed for sales to making sure everyone on staff has easy access at their fingertips when they need something specific about real estate agents’ culture or processes. 

CRM is a game-changer for your business. It can help you close more deals, get ahead in the competitive world of real estate agents and bring new customers to life with an amazing customer experience that will keep them coming back again and recommend it! This is a bit like selling the house to your clients, but in addition, you make sure they have an easy moving experience and everything works when moving into their new home.

  • Integrations 

Third-party integrations are crucial to the success of a CRM. If an existing marketing tech system cannot be compatible with your software then you may need another product that will complement what it offers instead of replacing anything, which would cause confusion in both user communities and also make commissioning times longer than necessary. 

When surveying the market for a new CRM, gather all of your existing marketing tech tools and talk to their sales team about how you will integrate each with yours. Have every detail laid out before comparing them so that there are no surprises.

  • Reports to make informed sales decisions

Reports are a great way to keep your business informed, honest and objective. If there’s something wrong with the progress of things in general or an issue specific enough for detailed analysis then detailed reports will help you find out what it is. 

With a spreadsheet, you have to organize your data by yourself because no program is built specifically for Sales and real estate. With the power of automated tasks, you don’t have to memorize any formulae or cell numbers. Just select your report type and let CRM churn out data for analysis.

CRM not only saves time in fetching these reports but also helps in creating a wide variety of reports that might be too complicated or not possible at all with spreadsheets.

Data can help you answer customer-centric questions, and CRM systems can assist you in doing so.


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  • Minimum manual inputs 

When a real estate agent is working with clients, they use many different methods to stay in touch and keep the buyer informed. One way that agents often communicate through email or phone calls can be tedious since both have set schedules for sending messages and making appointments at specified times each day/night which may not work well when you need immediate feedback from someone on your list who lives far away. 

To make this process easier as possible – but still safe! — consider using forms instead so buyers don’t need special software; just fill them out digitally however option two works best based on individual needs.

With a robust CRM, you can automate many of these functions. This means that emails will be recorded and checked against the database for each lead automatically to ensure accuracy in your records while also allowing calls from inside software if desired!

With RealE 360, you can add a facility for taking notes on each call and have an accurate conversation tracker. Smart CRM systems like this one allow agents to talk confidently with their leads without ever forgetting anything or getting confused about which contact point belongs where because they’re always right there in front of them!

  • Cloud and Mobile CRM 

Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems offer a number of benefits, including centralization and automation. A cloud-based system is easy to install with around-the-clock access which provides instant insights into your interactions with customers as well cost-effective security measures that are flexible enough for any business’ needs!

With a good CRM for real estate agents, you can access information from anywhere at any time. This is one of the most important characteristics that makes it so powerful and essential in today’s market – there’s no way around its convenience!

Your CRM must follow you every move so that a client doesn’t get left scrambling. You can succeed in your business by being reactive and having the right solution at hand for any situation, which is often what leads to closing sales.

RealE 360, an all-in-one real estate CRM, fully understands the challenges that realtors and real estate companies face.

It provides your customer service team with the resources they require to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Start today and be on top of CRM success.

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