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AI Crafted, fully loaded, all-in-one Real Estate Experience Coming Soon

Implementing an Efficient CRM Process for The Real Estate Industry

For a real estate agent or broker, it is essential to keep their customers satisfied. With your real estate business growing, it turns difficult to understand each and all client demands, following up with them regularly, building a long-lasting relationship, upsell and cross-sell the product, and much more.

With a streamlined and efficient system in place, the activities such as sales, marketing, cross-channel collaboration, post-sales support, etc., are carried out effectively.

A real estate CRM software brings marketing, sales, and customer support activities with one accord, to streamline the policies, processes, and people all on an individual platform. 

The CRM can help realtors throughout the sales journey: from website visits by prospects to the successful deal closing. 

Ultimately, it helps track every customer conversation, in database management, in timely follow-ups, etc.

With a CRM strategy in place, you can make the most out of your real estate CRM software.

Design your real estate CRM implementation strategy in the following steps:


  • Smoothen your lead generation process:

    With CRM, you can collect leads from various sources and store them in one centralized platform.
    For effective lead nurturing, understand your customers’ pain points, and personalize every step of the interaction process.

  1. Lead forms: Custom lead web forms enable you to plot data into your CRM after leads collection from websites/landing pages.
  2. Social media marketing: Stay in touch with your prospects and get more understanding of their background, interests, and preferences. 
  3.   Integrated Live Chat: Live chat feature in CRM software lets you build customer engagement. 

    Live chat & webforms facilitate lead information collection even when agents are unavailable to attend to online visitors.


  • Lead Segmentation:

    Real Estate CRMs help you in categorizing and segmenting your leads into easy-to-manage groups.
    Leverage tags to allot similar leads to a group specified by you. Going further, you can assign trigger tags that initiate a function automatically after a specific action has been taken by the user.
    The real estate CRM software makes it easier for you to see the number of deals generated and your performance concerning the set targets.


  • Team Collaboration:

    With a CRM, different teams can effectively communicate with each other while staying in the same loop.
    Assign responsibilities among the team members with the CRM. Leverage the tags and category functions which will send push notifications and updates to the team members.
    Mention your team members with tags to link them to threads and exchange information within the team.


  • Workflow Automation:

    With a Real estate CRM, get rid of repetitive and mundane tasks. Automate your workflows, save time and focus on more prioritized tasks.


  • CRM Integrations:

    Real Estate CRM provides you the ability to integrate with your customer service platforms, social media channels, and other third-party programs.
    Integration ties together loose ends in big teams and across various departments.

Summing up:

RealE 360 is a comprehensive real estate CRM software that automates all your tasks: Right from lead generation to closing sales.

It provides a holistic view of the leads and opportunities for you to personalize every interaction. RealE 360 automates your sales process, smoothing the pre-sales to sales closure process.

RealE 360 not only smoothens and streamlines your complete customer relationship process but also gives you an upper hand over your competitors in the digital world.

If you are looking for an exclusive Real Estate CRM, connect with us today.

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RealE 360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.

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