AI Crafted, fully loaded, all-in-one Real Estate Experience
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AI Crafted, fully loaded, all-in-one Real Estate Experience Coming Soon

Showcasing RealE 360 at the Dreamforce-2023

This year again, CEPTES attended Dreamforce-2023, connecting with various realtors and businessmen showcasing our flagship product- RealE 360!

Salesforce’s Dreamforce is the annual flagship event organized by Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Dreamforce gathers a diverse community of Salesforce customers, partners, developers, employees, and industry experts to share knowledge, insights, and innovations. It’s a platform to explore the latest advancements in technology, attend workshops, participate in keynote sessions, network, and gain inspiration for leveraging Salesforce solutions effectively.

For the proptech sector, Dreamforce-2023 holds immense significance as it showcases cutting-edge solutions, trends, and insights tailored to revolutionize the real estate and property technology landscape.

Dreamforce & Prop-tech:

Some noteworthy proptech-relevant highlights from Dreamforce-23 include advancements in AI-powered property management, smart building solutions, data-driven analytics for market trends, and customer-centric platforms enhancing the real estate experience. These innovations aim to reshape how we interact with and manage properties, optimizing efficiency, sustainability, and overall value in the real estate industry. Dreamforce serves as a beacon guiding the proptech sector towards a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our real-world spaces.

DF-23 bringing out the importance of automation in Real Estate industry:

Unlike all other industries, the real-estate industry is also evolving rapidly with AI & Automation. Dreamforce-2023 (DF-23) placed a prominent focus on automation in the real estate industry due to its transformative impact and relevance in the evolving landscape of technology and business. One major reason also is the “The Automation Wave in Major Metropolises”.

The real estate landscape is evolving, with a growing demand for automation in key cities like Dallas, San Francisco, Dubai, and Mumbai. As technology continues to reshape industries, the real estate sector is no exception. Let’s explore the significance of automation in real estate, backed by compelling statistics from these bustling cities.

  1. Dallas Demand Surge: Dallas has witnessed a significant uptick in real estate demand, with a 9.5% increase in home sales in the past year (Source: Dallas Morning News).

Automation Adoption: Gaining traction among property management firms, streamlining operations and enhancing tenant experiences.

  1. San Francisco Housing Market Dynamics: San Francisco, known for its competitive housing market, experienced a 12% rise in home prices in the last year (Source: Bay Area News Group).

Automation Efficiency: Automation tools are helping real estate agents manage high demand efficiently, from lead generation to contract management.

  1. Dubai Real Estate Growth: Dubai’s real estate sector is booming, contributing 7.2% to the city’s GDP in 2021 (Source: Dubai Land Department).

Automation for Development: Optimizing construction processes, enabling faster project completion and cost savings.

  1. Mumbai Urbanization Impact: Mumbai is witnessing a surge in urbanization, with a 1.3% population growth rate annually (Source: World Population Review).

Automation for Sustainability: Automation is being leveraged to develop sustainable and eco-friendly real estate projects to accommodate the growing population.

Incorporating automation in real estate processes enhances efficiency, improves customer experiences, and supports sustainable urban development. As these cities demonstrate, embracing automation is crucial to staying competitive and meeting the rising demands of the dynamic real estate market.

How RealE 360 can meet booming trends of AI & Automation:

RealE 360 stands out with its comprehensive and customizable real estate management platform that offers end-to-end solutions. Its ability to cater to the specific needs of the booming real estate markets in major cities sets it apart. 

RealE 360’s all-in-one solution, encompassing everything from property listings, lead management, and transactions to customer relationship management (CRM) provides seamless experience. This versatility, coupled with customization and scalability, caters to the diverse needs of real estate professionals in rapidly growing markets. 

Through automation, RealE 360 optimizes workflows, saving time and boosting operational efficiency. Moreover, its client-centric approach prioritizes customer satisfaction, delivering personalized services and effective communication.

Response to RealE 360 at Dreamforce-2023:

At Dreamforce-2023, our engagements with numerous realtors and property business owners were met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Our one-on-one meetings and engaging demonstrations of RealE 360 were particularly popular, capturing the attention of the audience. We meticulously showcased the key features that resonate with the industry, including robust CRM and lead management, dynamic property listings showcasing, seamless transaction handling, and convenient mobile app accessibility. 

The audience was impressed by how these features enhance operational efficiency, streamline customer interactions, and elevate the overall real estate management experience. The enthusiasm and interest displayed by the Dreamforce audience affirmed the value and impact that RealE 360 brings to the real estate landscape.


RealE 360‘s presence at Dreamforce-2023 was a resounding success, leaving a mark in the dynamic realm of real estate technology. The opportunity to showcase our platform to industry professionals, realtors, and property business owners was invaluable. 

As we look ahead, we are thrilled to announce that RealE 360 will be back at Dreamforce 2024, ready to unveil more innovations and explore the evolving horizons of real estate technology. Stay tuned for an exciting journey of innovation and collaboration as we continue to revolutionize the real estate industry with RealE 360! See you at Dreamforce-2024!

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RealE 360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.

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