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AI Crafted, fully loaded, all-in-one Real Estate Experience Coming Soon

Streamline Tasks, Manage Leads Better with RealE 360

Becoming a real estate agent or getting into a real estate business can be prolific. It does promise a lot. However, once you are into the business you have to stifle yourself into real estate or else failure awaits with arms wide open.  While these are common reasons to fail for setting up a business, even after establishing their real estate empire, many businesses struggle with managing their leads and resources. Compared to other industries, real estate data is considered the most expensive data and can go miss managed. Also, data leakage is an inconvenience for real estate businesses.

Enter RealE 360.

Overcoming the Pain Points of Data and Resource Management for Realtors:

Receiving leads is an important aspect of any real estate business, but it can also present challenges and pain points. Here are some of the common reasons why real estate businesses may miss out on taking fast action on leads: 

  1. Inefficient lead capture:  While real estate businesses spend a lot acquiring leads they usually struggle to hold on to the leads by not reaching out to them in a timely and effective manner, which can lead to missed opportunities.
  2. Lack of organization: Without a centralized system for tracking and managing leads, businesses may miss important information and follow-up opportunities.
  3. Inadequate lead tracking: When a real estate business doesn’t have a proper channel to rely on properly tracking those leads, they may miss out on critical information about their status and next steps.
  4. Slow follow-up: Many real estate businesses struggle to respond to leads in a timely manner, which can cause them to miss out on opportunities to build relationships and close deals.
  5. Less personalized service: While today everyone is looking for personalized service, how people will stay behind while they are looking to acquire a property? Without proper lead data management businesses miss the opportunity to build a relationship and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  6. Overwhelming workload: With a high volume of leads and tasks, real estate businesses may struggle to prioritize and follow up on each lead in a timely manner.

How does Real Estate CRM help with dealing with these pain points? 

Data generation and data management are the heart of any business and the real estate industry is no exception. Managing leads, and nurturing leads is the centerpiece of real estate business and realtor CRM platforms help real estate businesses deal with their struggle for proper data management. A real estate CRM software can streamline the business with- 

  • Centralized Database: These CRM for Real Estate create a centralized database for the realtors to access where they get to know about a lead’s first footprint to the status of the lead at the current time along with property information. They don’t have to hover between databases and tabs to gather information about a lead. 
  • Lead tracking and management: Real estate CRMs help realtors track and manage leads by providing a platform for capturing, organizing, and prioritizing leads, and for automating follow-up activities. This can help realtors respond more quickly to leads and improve their chances of conversion.
  • Activity & employee engagement: By determining which lead to get forward to whom for getting attended faster is key to streamlining leads and closing deals faster. Employee management is a challenge in the real estate industry and with a step-by-step approach by employees in a real estate company can be highly beneficial for a real estate business. 

The flow of RealE 360 activity & resource management: 

  1. Capturing Lead- RealE 360 offers diverse methods for capturing leads including web forms, landing pages, and integration with popular real estate websites.
  2. Assignments of leads- With a lead management system in place, when a lead is generated, it is promptly listed and automatically gets assigned to specific agents, teams, or brokerages based on predefined rules. This ensures a timely follow-up, which can greatly increase the chances of closing the deal.
  3. Automated Reminders- Sending reminders is an effective way to ensure that important tasks are not forgotten and deadlines are met. RealE 360 allows you to set up automated email and SMS reminders to follow up with leads at specific intervals. This helps to ensure that leads are not forgotten and that consistent communication is maintained.
  4. Lead Categorizing- Once a lead has been engaged, they are invited to complete a form that reveals their preferences, budget, location, and other crucial specifications. This data is analyzed to match the lead with the most suitable agent or representative, considering factors such as their proximity and area of expertise.
  5. Lead Routing – By utilizing this systematic and comprehensive approach, leads are efficiently directed to the best-suited agent or employee, providing prospects with prompt and tailored support. This enhances the speed of response and increases the likelihood of securing a sale and fostering a thriving business relationship.

Impact of RealE 360 on Activity & Employee Management:

  • Reminders help agents/employees attend leads asap
  • Future task setting 
  • Ease in Follow-up tasks 
  • Scheduling site visits
  • Managing more leads a day
  • Closing more deals 
  • Increased efficiency 

Winding Up

RealE 360 provides real estate professionals with a comprehensive, all-encompassing perspective of their clients and a streamlined, fully automated sales process. This 360-degree view and automation empowers agents/employees to efficiently manage their sales and drive growth in their business. 

Upgrade your pre-sales, sales, and post-sales process today with RealE 360. Get in touch with us to know more. 

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RealE 360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.

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See How RealE 360 is Different