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AI Crafted, fully loaded, all-in-one Real Estate Experience Coming Soon

Take your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with RealE 360

Real Estate CRM for agents/brokers

A customer relationship management (CRM) system for the real estate sector is a piece of specialized software. It provides the capabilities necessary to facilitate the simplification of lead management and the straightforward organization of daily real estate activities and responsibilities. You’ll be able to better manage and advertise your property listings, engage with your clients and partners, and increase sales thanks to the capabilities that this affords you.

The Real Estate CRM enables you to consolidate data, which enables you to obtain business insights from a single location and rapidly develop branded marketing content. A customer relationship management system enables you to maximize the creation and conversion of leads, cultivate relationships with customers and partners, have access to intelligent business data, and increase revenue. Enjoy the benefits of sophisticated real estate tools that allow you to manage your property listings, develop marketing collateral, and integrate with leading multiple listing services (MLSs) and real estate websites.

Concentrate on achieving higher levels of sales

To effectively manage your complete sales pipeline, implement the RealE 360 CRM system which is the best CRM for real estate for agents/brokers. Easy capture of all incoming leads and assignment of those leads to the appropriate agents are two steps toward cultivating more personalized client connections. You may increase the number of conversions you get by accelerating the movement of leads through your pipeline with robust CRM technologies that automate procedures and promote productivity.

Automation of work processes. Your sales force will be able to concentrate more on completing more deals and converting more leads if you automate the business procedures they use.

Having qualities in leads can be captured in the RealE 360 CRM Software, and users can immediately discover properties that match their search and fit the relevant criteria.

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Improve your ability to arrange your activities and duties. Boost your productivity by automating time-consuming processes and tasks, which will save you both time and effort. Keep a log of your past phone calls and email correspondence for use as a reference in the future. Viewings of the property should be scheduled, and a conversion-focused follow-up sequence should be developed. Creating a plan for your responsibilities and maintaining a log of comments will provide you with a comprehensive view of your interactions with clients.


Do conversation analysis with leads with the best real estate CRM software in order to adjust lead conversion techniques in accordance with the requirements of individual customers.

Property Viewings

Assign real estate agents to properties, set up viewing appointments for such properties, and record the results of each session.


Tasks should be delegated to members of the team in order to increase operational efficiencies and service to customers.


Retrieve comments and keep track of what customers are saying in order to locate sources of discomfort and potential growth areas.

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Maintain an accurate record of your marketing efforts!

With the RealE 360 CRM system, you can easily manage all your marketing efforts. Use marketing automation solutions in order to launch email, SMS, and social media marketing campaigns and track their progress. It is important to generate reports in order to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign and determine which ones generate the most leads. Produce branded marketing materials in a matter of seconds and deliver them to leads directly from the customer relationship management system. To promote your real estate or other endeavors, you can easily create landing pages with just the click of a mouse.

Designer of brochures

Instantaneously produce and send branded real estate marketing material to leads directly from the real estate CRM for realtors where they were acquired.

Email & SMS

Without leaving the RealE 360 CRM system and switching to different apps, you can monitor all your email and text message interactions.


Using this link will bring you to campaigns that appropriately attribute money generated by each marketing channel.

Provide robust customer assistance services accessible through a client portal to each and every one of your customers. Centralize client documents in one spot. Offer your consumers a safe way to view critical property information such as floor plans, photos documenting the construction process, images of the finished property, payments, and agreements. As a means of streamlining communication, directly respond to questions that are asked through the portal.

Real Estate CRM is an important tool for managing some of the most important aspects of any real estate business, including your property portfolio as well as your sales and marketing materials. Get in touch with us today for further information.

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RealE 360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.

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