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Top 20 Real Estate CRM 2022 – Based on Reviews, Ratings

Top 20 Real Estate CRM 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help real estate agents manage their clientele more effectively. Coordination and access to customer data are made easier with a CRM app. These apps can help real estate agents keep track of prospective clients and changing clientele.

There are a ton of CRM applications available online. However, not all of them are appropriate for real estate professionals. We have chosen the best CRM for real estate agents in this blog post.

What does a Real Estate CRM mean?

CRM software serves as your lone source of truth for prospect and customer information, enabling you to forge connections and make informed decisions. A Real Estate CRM is a crucial tool for top-performing real estate agents to manage a strong pipeline in a way that conserves time and brainpower.

Here are some of the main functions the best real estate CRM provides to make your life easier:

  • Organize prospect data to make it easy to find (i.e., no seriously hunting through spreadsheets).
  • Without searching through your inbox, respond right away to questions about properties.
  • Keep track of which of your prospects you’ve gotten in touch with and which are further along in the house-buying process.
  • Gather data online, such as how your prospects navigate the site or whether they opened your emails.
  • Track closings and manage your sales funnel in one place.
  • Keep in touch with former clients to manage relationships and get future referrals.
  • Automate workflow and tasks, such as sending emails to schedule follow-up meetings after open houses.

Best CRM Software for Real Estate Businesses

Is it accurate to say that you’re seeking the best real estate CRM software to assist you with gathering, maintaining, and converting contacts into supporters as well as managing the relationship after the sale? To automate activities and processes, choose a company from the list of CRM for real estate agents below: 

1. Salesforce

For real estate businesses looking to expand, Salesforce is a fantastic choice. It has a wide range of capabilities that can aid organizations of various sizes in enhancing their client interactions and sales.

2. RealE 360

Modern realtors, real estate agents, and brokerage firms can spend less time on complex processes and more time expanding their business portfolios thanks to RealE 360, a full automation solution built on the world’s top CRM for Real Estate on Salesforce.

Real Estate CRM solution

3. Bigin by Zoho CRM

A pipeline-focused CRM made and priced for private companies is Bigin from Zoho CRM. Bigin brings spreadsheet-like simplicity to CRM for Realtors and is designed to be more user-friendly. Anyone can get started using it in under 30 minutes without any prior preparation. with the ability to establish several pipelines to control various business activities.

4. LeadSquared

If all else is equal, LeadSquared is a cloud-based marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for companies. Clients in the financial, e-commerce, education, health and wellness, marketing, real estate, software, and civic engagement sectors are served by it.

5. Affinity

The next-generation CRM designed for relationship-based industries is called Affinity. Affinity uses relationship information to help teams tap into their network and find the next big open door. Partiality also improves team relationship management by automating data entry, maintaining vital connections, and fostering cordial relationships with important decision-makers.

6. CRM HubSpot

Estate agents can spend less time prospecting and following up with clients by using HubSpot CRM software. The user interface of the CRM programme is simple. Each prospect’s and customer’s information can be recorded by the application. Through the dashboard, real estate agents can also gain full-time visibility into the customer sales pipeline.

7. Apto

The best deal management and CRM for commercial real estate brokers is Apto. Apto is your one-stop shop for all the tools you need to manage your connections, open more leads, close more deals, and expand your business, whether you’re a solo broker or part of a team. Your thoughts and methods of operation are ordered according to each piece of information you have.

8. Chime

An all-encompassing CRM and sales acceleration tool called Chime was created to assist real estate agents in closing deals more quickly! Our market-leading technology combines IDX websites, lead generation, marketing automation, sophisticated lead management, and potent AI to efficiently gather leads and turn them into new contracts.

9. Brivity

The Brivity Platform is your all-encompassing real estate solution to increase sales, keep your database top-of-mind, and close more deals. Brivity automates up to 50% of your daily tasks, including lead generation, transaction management, and close, allowing you to concentrate on raising more money!

10. CRM Zoho

Real estate agents, developers, and brokerage companies may take charge of their business processes thanks to Zoho CRM. A consolidated platform for sales process management, property management, and automation, this omnichannel, cloud-based software solution seamlessly interacts with 500+ third-party applications.

11. Salesmate

Salesmate enables companies to close more deals more quickly. Their user-friendly UI and automated workflows enable your sales force to wonderfully focus on the perfect deals. Never hesitate and start closing more sales.

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12. Pipedrive

A CRM platform called Pipedrive provides services to about 100,000 companies globally. One of our top picks thanks to its user-friendly layout, sales pipeline capabilities, distinctive integrations, kind customer service, and more.

13. LionDesk

LionDesk successfully completed our evaluation test, earning it a respectable ranking in our list. One of the top CRM platforms in the industry, it provides a wide range of useful tools and features to assist you in managing your organization.

14. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact is a great real estate CRM software for new agents for a number of reasons. The first is essentially more cost-effective since IXACT Contact offers brand-new real estate agents who have only recently been licensed for a year a six-month free trial with full features. This is a fantastic opportunity for new agents to launch their businesses for nothing using cutting-edge real estate software tools.

15. Wise Agent

A real estate agent developed the CRM programme Wise Agent with other real estate agents in mind. The system, which was first introduced in 2002, combines all of the tools a realtor needs into a single, approachable platform. Its thorough customer assistance is its best quality.

16. SugarCRM

More than 2 million users in more than 120 countries use SugarCRM, a California-based business. Its extremely adaptable features enable real estate organisations to manage sales, marketing, customer support, and other functions.

Real Estate CRM software

17. Agile CRM

A real estate-specific version of Agile CRM is available, with the goal of assisting real estate professionals in managing the documentation of inspections and property listings and automating more administrative tasks so agents can spend more time fostering connections with clients.

18. Vtiger Sales CRM

For real estate firms and brokers, Vtiger Sales CRM provides a solution that enables you to handle buyer queries, property listings, and email marketing campaigns.

19. Realvolve

A comprehensive all-around CRM for real estate agents is Realvolve. With easy transaction management, potent automation, time management tools, and the greatest real estate agent database with all of your client information, Realvolve can help you manage all part of your business in one place.

20. Insightly

Because of its integrated project management (PM) features, social CRM, and mobile application, Insightly is one of the top CRMs for private businesses across industries.


The right real estate CRM vendor is the first step in your digital success, and choosing the finest solution requires time-consuming, in-depth study. The extremely important checklist you should always follow is this one:

  • Request client references and look for independent platforms’ reviews of CRM providers.
  • Take your time making a decision and carefully weigh all the benefits and drawbacks.
  • Look for the finest cost-quality ratio. Every feature has a price, so keep in mind that if a provider is offering a price that is lower than usual, that should be a red flag for you to look further.
  • Look for CRM companies who give dependable client service and support even during the post-implementation stage.

RealE 360 is a complete, integrated solution designed to handle real estate challenges & acquire a solid understanding of the business and its operations. Request a consultation to see the app in action.

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