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What Are The Top CRM Software For Real Estate Agents in 2022?

Top Real Estate CRM Software

Real estate is one industry requiring you to create relationships with your customers that last the test of time.

Considering the degree of customer interaction and communication required, the real estate industry is among the ones that can make use of CRM software.

An effective real estate CRM platform can help real estate companies and agents to go through the long sales cycles and repeated communication with their customers before closing the final deal. A real estate CRM can help identify, track and manage customer interactions with prospective buyers and tenants.

So, what CRM platform should you use for your operations if you’re a real estate company or agency? Let us understand and note down the best real estate CRM platforms in 2022.


What is Real Estate CRM Software, and What Does it Do?

A real estate CRM platform ensures that the company involved in real estate manages customer relationships, manages the existing contacts, accommodates the newer ones, and markets the properties to the leads.

Moreover, with the newer updates, one of the primary functions of a CRM real estate platform also includes managing and deploying workflow automation.


Best Real Estate CRM software


Here are a few functions that a real estate CRM looks into.

  • Pipeline Management:

    A CRM platform’s pipeline management function allows you to track your entire sales process. Most of the CRM platforms tend to have a dashboard which you can access and figure out the whole sales process and different stages. This can allow you to deploy your resources and tweak your strategy accordingly.

  • Email Marketing:

    Customizable email marketing campaigns and templates are other features of a CRM platform. You can customize the date, time and stage you send your potential customers an email. This can include tips, new listings, offers, reminders and lots more.

  • Reporting:

    Reporting on how your campaign is performing is essential for you to ascertain the return on investment. This is what the CRM platforms do very effortlessly. The data can allow you to determine the problems and analyze your strategy.

  • Integrating:

    CRM platforms provide access to a ton of digital tools that you can use for your use. These app integrations can enable users to get more out of their contacts and deploy automation functions.


Top Real Estate CRM Software in 2022

Here are the top real estate CRM software in 2022 and how they stand against each other.


#1 HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most trustworthy and oldest CRM platforms in 2022. The HubSpot CRM platform allows real estate agents to organize and manage customer relationships on one centralized platform. What makes it even better is that it is a free platform, sporting most functionalities.

Hence, it can prove very effective if you are a real estate company or agent just starting. The software can help real estate agents save time by shortlisting and following up with prospective clients. It has an easy-to-use interface, too, making it even more beginner-friendly.


#2 RealE 360

RealE 360 is a dedicated Real Estate CRM Software that connects and aligns marketing automation, field sales, and inventory and thus helps with higher property sales.  Its powerful features are changing the way realtors do business. 

The all-in-one system, built on the #1 CRM in the world, manages incoming leads and existing contacts, automates the complete sales funnel, and streamlines end-to-end operations for real estate companies.


Real estate automation CRM



#2 Freshsales

Freshsales is a Salesforce automation tool which is made for sales teams. The Freshsales platform is a CRM platform for real estate agents with AI-driven insights and customer nurturing.

The platform consists of built-in email, phone and chat options, further empowering sales teams to make their selling process even more efficient. Moreover, the Freddy AI allows salespeople to get better insights into the ongoing, upcoming and completed deals.


#3 BoomTown

BoomTown can be considered to be one of the underdogs in this list. The platform isn’t well-known as the others, but its functionalities are tailored for realtors.

It is a platform that might not have some extensive shot integrations. Still, the built-in functionalities can help any real estate organization streamline their processes. A “Success Assurance” program ensures an effective lead nurturing strategy with your existing and older leads.


#4 Follow Up Boss

The Follow Up Boss platform is the one that allows real estate agents to record and follow up with leads. It is relatively simple to use and has a straightforward interface.

It has a smart list for calling, drip campaigns and action templates that can further ease the process. Another pro to note here is that it allows you to sync with your Gmail, Office 365 and Google Calendar.


#5 LionDesk

LionDesk is a great tool and platform for real estate agents, professionals, mortgage firms, and agencies to manage and close leads quickly and efficiently.

It offers a ton of features and tools to connect with prospect leads. The software provides some exciting integrations with more than 100+ apps.

Once again, what adds further to it is the fact that it has an easy-to-use interface which allows teams to save time in maintaining client relationships and following up with them.

Additional features such as bulk text messages, call reminders, task reminders, AI-based assistance on leads and auto-drip campaigns are some of the noteworthy features. This is what makes it a fantastic tool for beginners as well as advanced real estate agents.


Conclusion: Choosing The Right Real Estate CRM Platform in 2022

Many factors are involved when finalizing a real estate CRM platform for your business in 2022. 

One of the primary aspects you should consider before deciding on a CRM platform is the ease of utility. The platform you shortlist has to be used by you, your team and hence should be easy to use. Moreover, determine the reviews of the platform and feel free to talk to the platform’s customer support team to know more about their features and how they sit with your requirements.

Hence, to conclude, determine the factors such as customer support, functions, price and overall ease of usage before choosing a real estate CRM platform for your business in 2022.


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