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Real Estate Marketing – Then vs Now

Real Estate Marketing-Then vs Now

With the rapid evolution of technology, marketing and advertising techniques all over the world have changed dramatically in the last few years. This holds true for real estate marketing as well. While in the earlier days, real estate marketing used to be focused on more local and straightforward real estate marketing strategies, today, it has become much more complex and integrated with new technologies and platforms. Today the real estate market has changed drastically, and there is more competition than ever before. 

Here’s an up close look at how the real estate business has evolved over the years and how this has brought about a sea change in real estate marketing techniques in the industry.


Real Estate Marketing Back Then

The real estate industry has always been an important part of life. Historically, real estate owners were powerful and rich people who used to own a lot of properties and land. They would not always use the land for themselves and would rent or sell out the property. However, the marketing of real estate in that era used to differ substantially. 


One of the biggest real estate marketing tactics in the olden days used to be the town criers. Word of mouth and the news of a successful property based on the owner’s reputation would travel swiftly. Town criers were the most popular form of marketing communication. Many times the homeowners themselves would hire a town crier to advertise publicly about the property for sale. 


After this came the era of the printing press, which ushered in the age of modern advertising and marketing. Soon after, real estate professionals and owners started publishing their advertisements on pieces of paper and handed them out to the public. This brought in a significant impact on real estate sales as the pieces of paper allowed news of the properties to spread far and wide. 


With the advent of print advertising, the real estate industry embarked on innovative marketing. During the 19th century, real estate agents started working as middleman between property sellers and buyers, which brought about a major change in real estate marketing ideas

Real Estate CRM solution

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With the invention of the telephone by Alexander Bell in 1976, cold calling became the new marketing strategy. Real estate agents began to select specific locations or neighborhoods that they would target and start cold calling different households from the yellow pages to market the different properties. At the same time, newspapers, brochures, listings, and even billboards continued to be used for marketing practices. 


The combination of print and telephonic marketing increased lead generation and allowed real estate agents to reach many more potential clients. 


Things got even better after 1922, with the first real estate radio advertisement hitting the airwaves. Due to this, it became possible to engage in broader marketing. Ads could now reach thousands and thousands of people. However, while the reach grew bigger, the conversion rate shrunk since the ads were not reaching the ideal target market. 


So from town criers to print advertising, cold calling, and ultimately radio and television advertising, the real estate industry did it all in terms of marketing. And today, with the digital age setting in, real estate marketers are successfully using digital platforms to reach a more specific and targeted audience. 


Let’s see what real estate marketing is all about today.


Real Estate Marketing Ideas Today

Today, real estate marketing is all about the internet. With the internet becoming accessible to the public in the early 2000s, real estate agents began to use the World Wide Web to reach new clients, and in order to stand out from their competition, they started creating websites and blog pages to show how different their businesses and properties are. Website listing is today center stage in marketing, with the modern buyer and seller using Google as the primary property searching tool. 

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Furthermore, with the rapid rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, aided by the mass availability of smartphones, real estate marketing has fully gone digital. Customers can now find any property they want to look at with a single tap on their phones, laptops, or computers. 


In fact, 80% of all real estate agents and clients actively use social media to locate their dream property.  It was almost overnight that real estate agents and property owners had to learn and adjust to using social media platforms for marketing purposes. 


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There’s no doubt that using and keeping track of so many social media platforms can quickly become overwhelming for real estate professionals. However, with the emergence of software like the RealE 360, real estate marketing has never been easier. 


What does RealE 360 offer?

For those who are working in the real estate industry, RealE 360 is a comprehensive real-estate automation solution on Salesforce offered by CEPTES, which allows all real estate agents, next-gen realtors, and brokerage firms to develop their business portfolios and streamline their complex sales processes with the help of data, segmentation, and personalization. With many helpful features such as Inventory Management, you can rest assured that you will remain on top of your real estate inventory.


At the same time, for realtors who are looking to automate activities linked with Commercial and Residential Properties, the RealE 360 solution is the go-to partner. It’s ideal for prospecting, nurturing, marketing, and payment in the real estate industry. 


With the dynamic real-estate automation technology RealE 360, you can not only improve your sales processes, but also gain better visibility, eliminate significant operational costs and time, increase productivity, and ensure a comprehensive 360-degree customer view. 


Key Features of RealE 360

  • Working with RealE 360’s clutter-free, single point dashboard means you can view customers, partners, properties, campaigns, sales reports, and even financial reports in one place. 
  • RealE 360 gives you all the information you need on the fly, including customer information, project details, financial data, etc. 
  • RealE 360 provides you with an entire 360-degree view of your prospects/leads, letting you drive a higher level of personalization to transform the leads into sales faster.
  • RealE 360 provides APIs to seamlessly integrate any external third-party service.
  • RealE 360 UI gives you access to all information in real-time even when you are on the move. 
  • RealE 360 can help boost your sales processes and generate more leads as you create customized reports based on parameters like property types, demographics, and monthly sales.


Summing Up

There is no denying that real estate marketing has undergone dramatic change in the last few decades. With the emergence of social media platforms and the internet as the primary mode of marketing today, it is important to have the right resource at your fingertips to keep you ahead of the competition. RealE 360 is the perfect partner to have to help you manage and keep track of all your real estate marketing needs. Connect with us today.

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