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The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate Marketing

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Traditionally, newspaper ads & billboards were the only forms of advertising Real Estate had. With the rising popularity of Social Media, businesses are turning their attention to it, especially the real estate industry.

In other words, as technology has advanced and social media has grown in popularity, both buyers and sellers have become more aware and active in their real estate deals.

Real estate businesses are increasingly embracing social media- as a means of virtually showcasing their properties.


Role of social media marketing for businesses:

Social media is revolutionizing the Real Estate industry. It has evolved into one of the most efficient ways for Real Estate marketers to connect with & attract potential buyers, as well as grow their business online. Real estate social media marketing is part of real estate digital marketing.

There are various benefits a realtor can reap from social media, depending upon the medium and the nature of their content. Let us discuss the major benefits:


  • Increase traffic to your website:

Social Media is an amalgamation of various types of people from all backgrounds and behaviors. By real estate marketing on social media, you can proficiently reach a wider variety of potential consumers across the globe. 

Every article and blog post you share on social media sites helps you connect with the audience and set a top-of-the-mind recall. Every social media visit can boost your website traffic, and every post is another chance for an inbound lead.


  • Expand Your Reach:

Good Real Estate Social Media Marketing can take your real estate business to a new level. Leveraging multiple marketing channels can be advantageous since the returns will come from various segments. In addition to traditional methods, realtors can broaden their reach by combining online advertising and social media marketing.


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  • Brand Visibility:

Today, digital media platforms play a significant role in the development of a brand’s reputation. It aids in the positioning of oneself in the market, thereby attracting the attention of new clients. 

Simply post content that resonates with the target audience’s preferences and roll out information that will appeal to their interests- this will keep your audience engaged and returning for more information.


Role of a CRM in Social Media Integration for Real Estate

As real estate is a highly competitive market, social media integration with the Real Estate CRM assists Developers in gaining a competitive advantage. Some of them are: 

Though a strong social media presence can benefit businesses of all sizes and shapes, its importance in Real Estate Marketing strategies cannot be emphasized more. 

With such a large percentage of homebuyers sifting social platforms for information, you can actively appear in their social media feed and upsurge click-through rates. Social media analytics can help you determine the best time to post and segment customers into specific groups, allowing you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.


Working in real estate is already stressful, and you don’t want to add to the confusion by using multiple platforms. RealE 360, an all-in-one real estate CRM has social media integration capabilities that bring you greater audience engagement.

It consolidates all social media analytics into a single dashboard to boost productivity and reduce difficulties. The collection and storage of social conversations via the RealE 360 CRM system allow Real Estate companies to interact with their customers more effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to create a Unified Social Media Experience for your customers!

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